The magic I saw when I took a step back

It’s wonderfully crazy how you see what you’re graced with when you step back a bit. And when you realize just how blessed you are, magic happens.

It was our second night in El Nido, Palawan. They were on their phones as I sat back and watched them Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook away before dinner. I stared at each one of them, and then I realized how blessed I had been to sit with 7 different souls.


We all have our own perks, quirks, and irks. But we’ve managed to be in one table. 8 souls of different backgrounds, waiting for the same thing to come. 8 different beings who would resume to regular programming the moment we touch the metro land. But there we were, together as one. To me, that’s something magical.

Of the billion souls that roam around this world, I managed to have beautiful friends like these seven beings. I’d like to believe destiny brought us together. But I’d also like to believe that it was our true selves that let us stick through whatever.

That evening, I knew I was in good hands. I wouldn’t trade such companionship for the world. While those days in Palawan still feels like a dream sequence to me, in my heart, I know, I’ll have those memories to fill my missing pieces.

Thank you, my dear friends, for a wonderful adventure. This post cannot truly express how much those days have changed something within me. I have no words. But something has changed, and because of you, I am forever grateful.

To more adventures, to more redefining moments, to more developing friendships.

Kahit mahina ang signal minsan, alam niyong mahal ko kayo.




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