Please don’t kill me.

So I swore off reading comments on Facebook because who needs more negativity in life, right? Just as I was back to living my own sort-of-happy life, I had to be pushed back into the dark by an absurd comment I heard.

I was smoking a cigarette outside our condo next to a man and a woman. The man brought up the whole LGBT issue and mentioned his sentiments on why people couldn’t just let go. The woman voiced out that what Manny said was absurd and further educated the man on sexuality and equality. Their conversation ended with the man saying “that’s fucked up.” She continued to argue, but the man simply forced his dominance with a single shush. She fell silent, almost defeated.

I was left alone dumbfounded with more haziness in my brain than the smoke I was exhaling.

I thought I was done with negativity. I thought I could let it go. But I can’t. I won’t.

I am angry, sad, disheartened, and afraid. I am furious that I may not be given the same rights many straightly enjoy. I am sad that I may not see the day we can freely express our love to the person we feel it for. I am disheartened for I am starting to lose hope that I can attain what’s also mine, something that’s already been given to others in a silver platter. I am afraid some will kill me for being gay just because a book declares my sexuality to be wrong. I am scared of being hurt for being gay just because no law protects me from such discrimination.

Walking around the mall, I see a happy couple almost in every corner. Many of them fashion wedding rings. No one is judging them for they are popularly “correct”. If I did the same, I will be judged as an abomination.

For being a gay Filipino, why must I be sentenced to second-class citizenship? I work to feed myself. I pay my taxes. I contribute money to whatever the government subjects me to. Why then can’t the government serve me? Parang mas marami pa atang karapatan ang mga kriminal at ang mga manyak kaysa sa akin na hangad lang ang mag-mahal.

All over social media, I see posts saying “we love the LGBT, but we don’t agree with SSM.” Some back this claim with quotes from their favorite book as “sufficient” evidence. How can you love someone and prohibit them from their happiness at the same time? It’s like an employer who says he loves his employees but won’t give what’s rightfully theirs.

Others will also reiterate that it’s not about the being, but the act of homosexuality. That having sex is wrong. They love us, but they hate us for having sex. They cannot allow us to have a union because we will only have sex.

Bakit ganon lang ang tingin niyo sa amin? Oo may mga gusto makipag-sex, pero hindi lahat ng homosexuals gusto lang magkaroon ng union para lang ma-chupa at chumupa. Our relationship goes beyond the bedroom. We love the way you do. We get hurt the way you do. We hugot the way you do. Why can’t you let me love others like you do?

Some would even argue that having same-sex union legalized would be a step closer to bestiality. For the love of love, I don’t see the logic there, but it scares the crap out of me that someone can think this way. A union should still be between two consenting partners. I don’t think you can get a dog to sign that consent.

And then you have those who argue that loving the LGBT is like loving the rapist. That being homosexual is like being a rapist. Since when was rape similar to being gay? We’re not out to fuck every man or woman out there. We’re not out to have sex forcibly with whatever moves. We are also decent. Like you. To some extent, maybe even more decent than some of you.

I’m tired of being shot in the head with verses. I am sick of my being forcefully penetrated by your beliefs. We’re not forcing you to be us. We’re not trying to push our dicks inside you, so please stop forcing us to suck your book.

Your religion isn’t the only religion in this world. And many of us have no set religion at all. It’s enough for us to be decent human beings. So not all of us agree that you’re correct. The way you have faith in your religion, we also have faith in something else. Mine isn’t better than yours, just as yours isn’t better than mine.

You say that’s your opinion and you tell us to respect it. We say the same. But more than respecting each other’s opinion, I do hope we respect each other’s humanity. “Common sense” lang naman, in “my opinion”.

We’re not asking you to turn gay. All we’re asking is to be given the choice of having a union. We’re asking to be given the chance to see our partner on their deathbed. We’re asking to have the rights you enjoy, the ones some of you also neglect.

Kung gusto niyong angkinin ang salitang “kasal” (marriage), sige sa inyo na ‘yan. Pero wag niyong namang sarilihin ang “pagkakaisa” (union) dahil may karapatan din naman ata kami bilang tao diyan.

Kung ang mga hayop nga may animal rights, bakit kaming mga tao rin pinagbabawalan niyo magkaron ng karapatan magmahal?


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