A priest declined to bless our rosaries

Today, we attended the 4PM mass at the St. Jerome Parish in Alabang. What was meant to be a solemn celebration of the eucharist turned sour after mass.

After hearing mass, we went to the church’s office to ask the priest to bless some of the rosaries mom bought. After 10 minutes of waiting, the priest told his assistant he didn’t want to bless the rosaries and asked us to wait for another priest to do it instead.

This had me burning. I don’t understand why a priest would decline to bless rosaries! They’re rosaries for crying out loud!

This is why I don’t like priests in general. Many of them feel they’re so above everyone else. Priests are the reason I dislike hearing mass. They’re mostly useless in my faith. They are the reason I have a strong disregard for the Catholic Church in the Philippines.

What priest would decline to give a blessing? What priest would say no to a churchgoer’s request? It’s not like we’re murders who asked him to bless our crime. It’s not like we stole a bunch of the country’s money. But some of these priests would stand by these criminals and bless them.

We just wanted to have rosaries blessed. We just wanted to have what’s supposed to accessorize us through our faith be blessed. And he just said no because “he doesn’t want to”.

You don’t just say “no” without good reason. We would have accepted the decline if he said he wasn’t feeling well or he was too tired. But to say you didn’t want to? That’s unacceptable. That’s unforgivable.

This was the same church that blessed our car years ago and asked us to “donate” generously.

This is probably going to backlash on me, but I can’t help rant. I’m no saint, but it’s priests like these that make me stray away from the church.


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