Today, I Followed My Heart


Today, I followed my heart. I woke up and didn’t think about what I had to do. I just got up and did what I felt like doing.

Today wasn’t anything major. Today wasn’t anything grand. It was simple, and it was wonderful.

I had a cigarette when I woke up, and then I got ready. I put music into my handy USB and let it load while I bathed. I got dressed and then readied the car. I gassed up. And then I drove.

The trip back to Ortigas was planned, but I didn’t think I’d dance my way through it. I did. I danced.

It was traffic, and I didn’t feel like throwing a fit. So I danced. And then I felt. And so I danced more.

People in trucks, in other cars, even the passerby saw me. I didn’t care.  I felt I had to dance. I wanted to dance.

Music blasting on my radio, I danced and felt euphoric. I was on cloud nine. I felt free.

An hour of traffic later, I found myself parked. I got out and got my hair cut. I just felt like I needed a cut, so I got it.

I wanted to check out a shop, so I did. I ended up buying stuff, but what the heck. I wanted to.

I got hungry so I ate. I wanted to watch something funny, so I did. And then I wanted a kiss, so I kissed.

We drove to Kapitolyo for dinner. I wanted to eat some more. We ate in Mad Mark’s. I wanted ribs, so I ordered. I wanted chicken wings, too, so we shared it. Halfway through I was dying. It felt like gluttony. So I wanted to give up. I gave up.

I wanted dessert, so we drove to the Fort to get dessert. On the way, we stopped by a bookstore, and I ended up getting books. Not because I had to. I just wanted to.

And then we had our ice cream. I wanted water, so I drank. And then I drove home. Because I wanted to.

It’s still early, but today I felt contented. I was contented with how today went. Because I did what I wanted. For the first time in a long time, I spent a day doing just what I wanted to do.

You see, it wasn’t grand. I just wanted to do things I’d normally think twice about, and it made me happy.

Beyond the novelty of what I bought and ate, I’m happy because I followed what I wanted to do be happy.

So right now, I’m happy.  Hah! Right now, I am happy because I wanted to be happy.


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