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When I’m with you, I never really get to say what’s in my head. Sure, I talk a lot. I tell you all these stories, and I ask you all these questions; and when you talk, I hear all these words.

But inside my head, what’s truly in my heart, is how grateful I am to have you. I’m so grateful that I’ve been given another shot at love. I didn’t know how it would be or how it would go. But I knew I’d meet you, the you I’m sure to love, in the right place, in the right time, at the right moment.

It wasn’t spectacular. We were in our own homes when it happened. But it did. It may not have happened with actual butterflies flying around or birds singing joyfully, but it was magical.

Two months in, and here we are.

I’m glad to be here. I’m glad to have had two months with you already, and I’m so excited for the next months, years, decades or more with you. Because you saved me. You saved me from the darkness I was once embraced with. And even though not everything’s going according to plan, I’m happy there’s you in my life, making things feel right.

Have fun in HK!



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