Not a Manic Monday


Such a productive day today.

I went to my mother’s office. I did quite a few things there and actually got paid for the day. It’s not a lot, but hey, where can you get money easily today?

I then drove back to town, went to the grocery, picked up my sister, and then visited another grocery store. Mother gave us money for a cup of drinks each at the next door coffee shop. What a treat of happiness!

I drove back home, and I just finished a cigarette with my cup of coffee on the other hand.

It had been a productive day indeed. It’s been quite a while since I spent a day of productivity. The pain of a company closing down on you is truly traumatic. I didn’t want to do anything for days. But then you’d have to get back up and do something about it.

Life won’t wait. It’s time to move forward.

Tonight, I shall finish an article due tomorrow, and then end it with a marathon of Breaking Bad season 2.

A manic Monday? Not really.

How’s your Monday going?


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