The 10,000th Tweet


For the past days, I had been knocking my head to come up with the perfect tweet. I was on my 9,999th, and I just had to produce something that would encapsulate all my thoughts within the 140 character limit. Truth be told, it was a challenge.

Many thoughts crossed my head, but none really stuck through. It was tempting to tweet about that person working out shirtless in the gym just as it was to mention how annoying the couple was in the shuttle on my way to work. I also wanted to express my thoughts about being lazy yesterday or how my parents knew how to make me happy two afternoons ago. I wanted to share a quote too, but none seemed fit for the 10,000th tweet.

I figured if I were to dedicate my 10,000th tweet to someone, then that person should mean a hell lot to me. I don’t think anyone’s that worthy for now. The 10,000th tweet just seemed far too important for me that if I were to include someone in it, then that person should be for keeps. No one seems to fit the category at the moment.

I didn’t want my tweet to be a complaint either. If I were to look back to my 10,000th tweet years from now, I don’t think I’d enjoy reading “OMG so annoying #wtf”. I wouldn’t enjoy reading “WTF so hot! #heyhottie” either; it would only make me wonder who the heck I was referring to. That’s not fun.

So I went on with my day today. I did my usual routine: got to work, bought coffee, and smoked a cigarette or two during breaks. And just as I took my last puff from my dying cigarette, it hit me — I’m in a good place right now.

Mindlessly, I grabbed my phone, went on the Twitter app, and tweeted:


As soon as I hit “tweet”, it sank in that my tweet flew through satellites and back on my screen.

There it was — my 10,000th tweet.

I must say that this tweet sums up my life at this point. I’m happy with my job; I like the people I work with; I don’t have any enemies; my relationship with my family is doing well; and I’ve been seeing more of my friends somehow. I’m enjoying life just as I should.

I’m in that place where I complain about nothing. I’m not sad nor am I going through anything depressing. I’m actually doing okay, and that’s something I’m happy and proud of.

So I am in a good spot — a really really good one. And I regret nothing. I know I’ll be happier one day. But this is a good step for me now, for my 10,000th tweet at least.


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