The Road to Happiness: The Power of “F” You

by Ken Filomeno
by Ken Filomeno

For the first time in a long time, you’re finally feeling a little more positive in life. You’re finally okay being okay. But that doesn’t mean you’re totally happy. By being okay, you’re still somewhere in between — you’re feeling good, but you still have days when you feel bad.

The trouble with finding happiness lies in all these little voices we hear in our head. There’s something we want to do, but we doubt ourselves because we can hear all these voices telling us not to do it, especially those who simply judge you. And then you start thinking about what others would say about it more. And then you end up not moving forward because you worry too much about what others would say. Let me tell you this: F THEM!

To be totally happy, you need to keep the power of “f-you” in mind.

December of 2012, my parents decided to take me to the beach for my birthday. I was stoked about it at first until I realized I wasn’t ready for the beach. I had just gained loads of weight from all the food and alcohol I consumed after the break up. I was totally feeling insecure about myself then, and the idea of going to the beach at such physical state didn’t seem too appealing for me. I mean what would others say about me if they saw me under the sun with my belly bulging out? I’d look like a washed up whale on the shore. I didn’t want to go to the beach because I was feeling ugly and fat. Next thing I knew, we were already there. The scene was beautiful, but so were the people around me. Talk about security levels reaching 100000!

And then it hit me. So what if I take off my shirt and lay under the sun with my belly bulging out? It was in that moment that I figured out the power of “F” you. I took my shirt off, got my tan, and drank margaritas all day. And then in that moment, I was happy.

The concept of “F” you is a powerful one. It boosts your energy and confidence up to a hundred from 25. It helps you get the feeling you’ve been wanting.

So there’s this dress you’ve been wanting to buy, but people say it won’t look nice on you. “F” them, and buy it! There’s this guy you’ve been wanting to ask out, but people say he’s out of your league. “F” them, and ask him out! There’s this song you like, but people say it’s such a lame song. “F” them and rock on with that song! There’s this party you want to go to, but people say you’re too old to party. “F” them, and go party! If you keep letting them stop you every time, you’d be stuck with countless regrets. With the power of “f” you, you can do just about anything you want.

That doesn’t mean you should go shooting people or go on a killing spree though because that’s totally bad, sad, and counterproductive. The power of “f-you” does not mean you should go quit school and do whatever dumb thing it is you have in mind. NO! Abso-effing-lutely not! You still need to make sure that your happiness does not affect the happiness of others negatively. Use the power of “f” you with caution and logical reasoning. Make sure you use the power of “f-you” in a beneficial way. Proceed with whatever it is you want to do to be happy, but make sure you don’t step on other people’s toes.

Don’t let others judge you. Go on and say “f-you” to whoever or whatever stands between you and your happiness. Before you know it, you won’t even have to say “f-you” because you’d do whatever it is you want to be happy.


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