What Music Means to Me

photo by Ken Filomeno
photo by Ken Filomeno

I’ve been listening to music since I was a kid. I’d memorize songs, and the ones I can belt out become my instant favorites. As I grew up, I realized that music has been much more than just something I listen to. It has developed into something greater than that. Today, music means so many things to me.

Music basically just sets the mood for me. With music, I get to succumb to my sorrows. I am able to let out my tears when my heart’s been broken and “it’s all coming back to me now” or when my rage has gone up and I just want to runaway. Don’t you just love it when you’re looking out the window while listening to Adele, feeling all music video-ish? When I’ve shed enough tears, I play a lively song, and my emotions take a quick 180-degree turn. I’m back on my feet dancing on my own.

These songs written and sung represent the thoughts I’ve been afraid to voice out. These are the words I hear in my head when I’m in love, when I feel like “I’ve been found out, so I’ll never explore”. These are the words I sing out loud when I’m bitterly screaming “you didn’t have to cut me off” to somebody that I used to know or when I’m having a good time Jumpin’ Jumpin’ at a bar shouting that I want to Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! It reminds me who I shouldn’t go “hand in hand, chest to chest and face to face” with, that I want no scrubs. These words remind me that “I don’t care; I love it”.

Music has been my savior. It has been saving me from insanity. It’s keeping me away from disturbia.

It screams don’t stop believing, that I should shine, saying keep your head up and breathe, to just keep breathing. It tells me that “life’s just too short to even care at all”. I am reminded that I should be living in the moment. Where else would I have Florence Welsh tell me to shake it out, shake it out so that my dog days would eventually be over? I am reminded of my innocence when I hear Michael Jackson sing ABC. I am reminded that it’s great to live because anything could happen and that it’s okay I’m ridin’ solo. It gives me clarity when I’m feeling lost at sea. Music just basically gets me through the day even on day four. It makes me feel like a girl on fire.

With music, I am bulletproof. I’m feeling titanium as I rise like a skyscraper. With music, I feel okay all by myself as I go back to the start being a lonely boy. I forget about my wonderwall when I’m rolling in the deep, forced to tell the truth.

What would my life be without music? I imagine life to be boring, dull, and, well, lifeless. After all, “music makes the people come together”.

When there’s music, I feel the world around me. And then, I feel alive. Without it, I wouldn’t have lived long enough in this world to write this.


2 thoughts on “What Music Means to Me

  1. I love this!!! And I just love how you inserted song titles to complete your ideas. It’s so creative! Love it!

    My face lit up when I read this:

    “Where else would I have Florence Welsh tell me to shake it out, shake it out so that my dog days would eventually be over? ”

    She’s my absolute favorite musical muse! “Shake It Out” is one of my top played songs in my iPod. In fact, four of her songs from the Ceremonials album have the highest play counts. 😛

    Everyone can relate to this. I may not be as musically as inclined as you are (I tend to be very picky), but I do enjoy music. It really does save you from insanity. It makes your world better. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading, Mons! Thanks for also liking it. Florence’s voice is just divine. I could listen to her all day and life becomes better.

      Indeed music makes the world better. 🙂

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