The Road to Happiness: Hello, Sadness

Hello, Sadness
Hello, Sadness

The world begins to fall apart. Your world starts to breakdown. You try to run away from every feeling. But they seem to catch up every time.

The hurt, the sorrow, the anger: they’re all there. Then your tears fall. You feel hopeless. The strength you have left to dismiss them weakens you more. Giving up begins to sound so appealing. You just want to raise your hands, and say take me away. Ending it all feels like the easiest way out.

You hate this feeling. You just loathe how it ruined the reality you once knew. You try to dismiss it more. You try to shrug off the sadness you’re feeling hoping that it will leave you alone. But you shouldn’t because it won’t.

Embrace it. Feel it. Celebrate it.

Welcome sadness. Say hello. Shake its hand.

Let it consume your now; let it take over your present.

Confront what you’re feeling. Familiarize yourself with the sadness you’re feeling. Remember all that’s happened. Look back and think how you got here — how you turned sad.

Then cry. Cry because you want to; cry because you need to. Cry it all out. Cry out loud. Feel the hurt. Feel every ounce of pain in your heart.

Once you’ve gotten familiar with it, once you’ve embraced it, once you’ve welcomed it; you’ll know why this is sadness. You’ll understand what it truly means. And then, one day, when things begin to be better, you’ll see the difference; you’ll feel the difference.

One day, you’ll wake up finally knowing that you are genuinely happy. You’ll know happiness. You’ll realize what happiness truly is. You’ll understand what it means to be happy. And then you’ll cherish it more. You’ll feel it more. You’ll celebrate it more.

So for now, be sad. For now, celebrate its existence. For now, say “hello, sadness”.


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