What it’s like to be stood up

What It's Like to be Stood Up
What It’s Like to be Stood Up

So a guy asks you out for a movie. You two end up making plans like where you’d meet up and what time. Once the details have been set, you begin to prepare. You dress up, put on your favorite perfume, and then see if you’re looking nice in front of the mirror. While he has stated that you shouldn’t expect much from each other, you still begin to expect something — that you might get along and hit it off.

Then you make your way to the place you’re supposed to meet up. You occupy a table for two and wait.

30 minutes later, you’re still waiting. He sends you a text message saying how sorry he is and that he’s on his way. You wait some more.

People seem to be eyeing your table. After all, you’re alone while they stand waiting for a table to be available. You receive another text. Oops. Not from him. You’ve been waiting for more than hour.

You’re getting tired of waiting at this point. Your patience has gone from a hundred down to thirty. You tell yourself you’d wait for another 15 minutes. You end up waiting for 45 minutes more with no word from him.

You decide to leave, thinking about what you’d say to him if he tells you he’s there. You begin to formulate your message: sorry, I decided to head home instead. Somehow, you still hope he’d be there even if you’re halfway home.

You find yourself lying down on your bed. Half of you convince yourself it’s better to be home; the other half is enraged. You wasted about 2 hours of your life waiting for nothing.

And then it sinks in — you’ve been stood up. You didn’t get the dinner you’ve been craving for. You didn’t get to watch the movie you’ve been dying to see. And there’s no chance to send that heartfelt message you formulated.

What the f*ck happened? Why would he do such thing? Why am I not worth seeing? Why would he make me waste my time? Why did he make me wait? All these questions begin to fill your mind. Some would argue that there’s nothing wrong with you. Clearly, that’s not the case at the moment.

You begin to wish he didn’t keep your hopes up. While it was clear that expectations were not to be set, he should have let you know instead. He shouldn’t have asked you out in the first place. Because it’s cruel to make someone wait for nothing. It’s disrespectful. It’s hurtful.

So what’s wrong with me? Why’d I get stood up? Was I not worth the time? Why’d he ask me out anyway? Was it all just a joke? Because it’s cruel. No one should ever be made to feel this way. No one should ever have to go through this.

No expectations, yes, but I expected to be treated respectfully at least as a human being.


8 thoughts on “What it’s like to be stood up

    1. Thanks, love! It wasn’t the best experience, but an experience to go through nonetheless. A first for everything, right? I’m feeling better now though. I just thought I should share this one here. 🙂

      1. At the end, it was. The whole thing proved a point though. I learned what it’s like to be stood up, so that’s something I won’t ever do to anyone. 🙂

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