The Kind I Need To Be With

We all have our certain standards when it comes to the people we date. We all have our different types when it comes to the romantic/relationship aspect of life. There are those who enjoy being with someone they’re completely similar with, and there are those who wish to meet someone opposite their characteristics.

While there are those who wish to end up being with someone who lets them do whatever it is they want with their lives, I wish to meet someone who’d compliment my personality. And what exactly do I mean by this? Let me ellaborate.

Or maybe I’ll give a brief background with how I’ve come up with such conclusion. You see, I’ve dated a few people who seem to just be too similar with each other. They more often than not just give in to what I want. When confronted by questions like where do you want to eat, what do you want to do, where do you want to go, I’m often left to decide. Somehow, it makes me feel like I’m left to decide the fate of our “relationship”. After dating a few similar people, I realized I need someone dominant.

I need someone who’s gonna tell me how it is because it is how it is. I need someone to take the steering wheel off of my hands and take control of the journey. I don’t believe in letting just one of the two to always decide, so I’d also want to be heard and be given a fair chance.

I need someone I’m gonna be afraid of too. I need someone who’s gonna say “no” to me flat out when I want to do something simply because he knows it’s bad for me and I remain clueless about its effects, whatever it is that I might want to do.

I need someone I can depend on. I don’t mean this in any way financial. I just need someone I know will be there when I’m in need of a sound and wise advice, someone firm enough with his beliefs and generous enough to share them with me. I can’t handle anymore of those who’d only add insult to injury. I’m so sick of hearing how it’s always my fault that things turn out the way they do because of my choices. I know that already.

I need someone who’d respect my youth too. While I long for someone to push me further into adulthood, it would also be nice if he’d be there to remind me that it’s okay to be young, that it’s okay to make mistakes, that it’s okay to just be young.

I can go on with this, but these qualities I listed are not the be-all-and-end-all of things. The bottom line is I just need to be with someone mature enough to also lead me to maturity. I know I can do that on my own — being mature. I know I’d eventually learn from my mistakes too. But the idea of having someone to give that extra push just sounds promising. I’m just afraid that such promising idea will only and forever be an idea.


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