10 Things to Do Before and During a Concert

The xx in MNL
The xx in MNL

So you’ve heard your favorite band/singer/performer is coming to town soon, and you’ve been dying to get a ticket. Once you’ve made the purchase, no matter how much, the word excitement becomes an understatement. The day of the concert arrives, and you line up outside thinking all will go perfectly. Well, think again.

A lot of things can go wrong, and it’ll be hard to get out of the situation once in.

Here are 10 things to remember when going to a concert:

1. Charge your camera the night before

Make sure that your camera is charged well the night before. You wouldn’t want to lose camera energy at the peak of the concert from all the photos and videos you’ve been taking at the first half.

2. Bring an extra battery

Bring an extra battery just in case the camera dies some time within the concert. This is necessary, unless you only plan to take a few photos throughout the concert.

3. Secure the memory card and make space

Make sure the memory card is well mounted and secured in your camera. You wouldn’t want to come home only to find out that you weren’t able to take any of the pictures you thought you took. Or you wouldn’t want to come home finding out your memory card is missing. The choice is yours, but I say secure the card!

4. Eat and drink

I’ve seen people pass out almost every time I go to a concert. Here you are enjoying the moment, and moments later, people start a commotion because a person passed out in the center of the crowd. I feel bad for people that pass out during concerts because: 1) money goes to waste, 2) it could lead to serious injuries and/or health issues, 3) people get rowdy. To prevent that from happening to you, eat a healthy meal and keep yourself hydrated. Drink a bottle of water before entering the concert grounds or keep a bottle of water with you during the concert (if permitted). It’s always fun to enjoy a concert when you’re well and healthy.

5. Wear a deodorant

This is important, and I cannot stress this enough. It’s a common thing to wear deodorants nowadays, and it would be great if you do (at least during a concert). People don’t like standing next to someone smelling like s/he just downed a whole bottle of vinegar or rubbed himself/herself with onions before going to a concert. SERIOUSLY! PLEASE WEAR A DEODORANT.

6. Attend to your toilet needs before entering

You wouldn’t want to miss anything during the performance. It would also be unnecessary to leave your spot during a concert because people behind you will take that spot. Moreover, getting in and out of your place would take time, effort, and loads of patience. Save yourself from the trouble and do your toilet business before the concert.

7. Respect personal space

I don’t mind going to crowded places. I also don’t mind being surrounded by people. But it is necessary that we all respect each other’s personal space. During The xx concert, it was irritating how people from behind begin to move closer, making you lose all the space you had. Now, I’m not asking for a lot of space. I’m just asking for at least 10 inches away from the body. Just think about it: if we all have at least this much space around us during a concert, we’d all get to enjoy the performance more and we have space to move, jump and dance. Getting closer to me, or to anyone for that matter, during the concert will not give you a better concert experience. So please. Let’s respect each other’s personal space, okay?

8. Make friends with those around you

The people you’re surrounded with during a concert is there with you for one reason: the performer. That is also your common denominator. It’d be great if you make friends with those around you or at least acknowledge their presence. This is to avoid people from bitching at you or you bitching at them from all the movement during the concert. Enjoying the same thing with people of the same interest will lead to a better concert experience.

9. Don’t squeeze in

Just because your friends got in early does not excuse you from squeezing yourself in and standing in front of a person that stood there way before you did. This is annoying to many people. I was standing front row when I entered the venue of The xx concert, and right before they started, I was already pushed back because the group to our left allowed at least 5 people to squeeze in. SERIOUSLY! I find that very very inconsiderate. The place had been so crowded for 2 hours, and then here comes five annoying looking girls being all “hey! Thanks for saving us space” blah bah blah. C’mon! Stop getting our space! We got here first!

10. Enjoy the f*cking concert

No matter how annoying people around you get, just enjoy the concert. This might be the only chance for you to see your favorite band/performer/artist/singer live, so just enjoy it. Make a connection with who’s on stage. Feel every beat of the song they play. Put your camera up and capture the moment. They’re the reason you’re here for, so just enjoy.

Concerts are a fun and exciting way of seeing your favorite artist, and it would be essential for you to enjoy. Hopefully, these 10 tips will help you maximize your experience no matter what.

If I missed out on something, or if you think there’s something else that people should know and do before and during a concert, let us know by putting in your comments below.


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