The xx Experience

The xx in MNL
The xx in MNL

Sunset begins while the line gets longer. People have been waiting for the next events to unfold. The doors are open, and we all walk like tides, waiting for that time we’ll all be swept away.

I stand less than 20 feet away from the stage, but my happiness is going beyond the galaxy.

It’s night time. Stars begin to fill up the sky outside, but three silhouettes overpower the stage. The lights go on, and the band starts to play. The crowd goes wild. I let out a scream, but I begin to lose my basic space.

Jamie xx
Jamie xx

I couldn’t stop my tears from falling off my eyes. They’re finally here. I’m finally seeing them live. I’m finally watching The xx live.

I hold up my camera. I try to capture every moment of it. My eyes lock in on Oliver. Minutes later, I’m staring at Romy. And then Jamie xx. My eyes meet Oliver’s for a while. Or maybe that’s just me thinking it. Maybe, it’s fiction.

Oliver Sim
Oliver Sim

Oliver moves around the stage seductively. Romy keeps her tough act. Jamie spins with art. The lights flash, and people begin to scream some more.

Romy Croft
Romy Croft

They begin to play Islands. It’s my song; it’s our song. I scream louder.

My heart begins to jump repeatedly. My heart skipped a beat as I keep my camera up high, capturing every moment of it — capturing this magical, spectacular performance.

The xx
The xx

They leave. People scream louder. They come back. Intro starts. And the show ends with Angels.

The lights are back on. I remain immobile. I stand in awe, in happiness, in ecstasy. I’m left crystalised. 

I leave feeling nothing is missing. I head back to my shelter in hopes that I had a VCR to playback the moment. And at this moment, I feel complete.

Seeing them was no longer a fantasy. I’ve finally seen them live. I will keep these memories chained with me up to infinity until we have our reunion.


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